The Bird and The Bee

Nghia Mai
2 min readJun 7, 2021


  • Based on the popular euphemism for sexual intercourse

A pair of anthropomorphic bird and bee are in a couples therapy session to reconcile certain relationship problems.

(In a therapist’s office)

Therapist: To start off our session, Mrs. Bird, do you have anything to say to Mr. Bee?

Bird: You don’t appreciate me anymore

Bee: I don’t know what you’re buzzin on about

Bird: Don’t you crow back at me

Bee: I work my beeswax off to provide a good home for you and our family. No money, no honey.

Bird: Talk to the feather, worker bee.

Bee: Here we go again. You’re a fucking vulture, you know that?


Therapist: Any other issues that you’d like to bring up?

Bee: Yes. You’ve never gotten along with my mother.

Bird: Who does she think she is? Queen of the Hive?

Bee: As a matter of facts, yes. That birdbrain of yours gets in the way of your ear.

Bird (sarcastically): Oh, that stings.

Therapist: Right. So how does make that you feel?

Bee: I’m sorry, Sugar Honey Iced Tea. I was wrong

Bird: This is When Doves Cry. R.I.P The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

(They make up and embrace each other)

Therapist: Kids, let me tell you about the Birds and the Bees.

The Bird
The Bee



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